Good Friday – 10 April 2020

Sometimes, and today is one of those time, it is wise to allow the story to speak for itself.

Here are links to readings and to video that help us hear the story.

If we had been meeting for our usual Good Friday Coffee Morning these are are the Readings from the Gospels that we would have shared together. Click on the links to read them for yourselves:

Luke 22:47-62
John 18:1-14
John 18:15-24
John 18:28-40
John 19:1-16
Luke 23:26-43
John 19:16-27
John 19:28-42
Luke 23:44-56

The Lumo Project have produced films for each of the Gospels. Click on the links to watch the graphic depiction of Jesus’ crucifixion from John’s Gospel:

John 19:17-27
John 19:28-42

The Bible Project have produced animated films explaining the story of the Bible. Click on the link to watch the video relating to Luke’s Gospel account:

Luke chapters 19 to 23

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