Maundy Thursday Lord’s Supper – 9 April 2020

Our short informal Maundy Thursday Lord’s Supper follows an outline which you can download by clicking here. The outline contains prayers and responses, so you will need to download and print this before the service begins, or have it open in front of you on your computer or device screen.

The resources and links on this page are in addition to those in our Maundy Thursday service described above.

To read more about the connection between the Lord’s Supper, Jesus’s death on the cross, and how he is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, you might like to click here to see the Bible Project’s animated video all about sacrifice and atonement.

The world in which we live looks very surreal at this present time. It seems as if things are on hold. We can’t wait until things get ‘back to normal’. Yet we would be unwise if we were unwilling to allow this time to change us for the better. Many things have the potential to improve. There will be things that we are doing in different ways now that we will go on doing in different ways even when this period is over. There are ways that the world, and our lives, can improve for ever – if we let them. Many people will have had change forced upon them through tragedy, from loss of life to loss of livelihood. All us us have the opportunity to spend more time with God, to reflect upon our character and behaviour and to commit ourselves to growing and developing in more Christ-like ways. You may find it helpful to reflect upon this image that someone posted on Facebook recently:

If you like something a little different to reflect upon, the Visual Bible Commentary often has images that help us think in less usual ways. Take a look here and see what you think. You have been warned!

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