Sunday 3 April 2022

Welcome to Ryde Baptist Church.

You are welcome to join us for worship at 10.30am. We meet on the first floor of our building, known as the George Street Centre, towards the top of George Street. Both a staircase and lift are available. The seating is arranged cafe style around small tables. There will be readings from the Bible; singing, led by a small group of musicians; prayers of various kinds; a time of sharing news and inspiration; and a sermon or talk around today’s theme. The service usually lasts around 75 minutes or so. The congregation are Friendly, the service is Informal, and the tone is Baptist and Biblical. Tea and Coffee are served after the morning service, which is a good time for people to get to know one another. Tea and Coffee is also available for anyone who would like it on arrival too! Our minister will be leading our worship this morning. It is the fifth Sunday of Lent, and it will be Palm Sunday and our Girls’ Brigade Parade Service next week (10 April) followed by Easter Sunday a week later (17 April).