Sunday Service – 14 June 2020

Today’s theme is Holiness. It isn’t easy. Holiness isn’t about judging others or setting standards for others to fail to meet. Holiness is about taking an honest look at ourselves in the light of God’s Holiness and then submitting ourselves to his glory and grace so that it is reflected throughout our lives.

We worship together online via Zoom at 10.30am. Today’s Service Sheet will have been received by email or through your door yesterday, but you can also download it here. If you are reading the Service Sheet online you should be able to click the links on the sheet to get to the readings and songs. You should have received our usual 7/52 notice sheet too, but if not you can download it here. 7/52 contains news and lots of suggestions for prayer and other information.

As you read, pray and work your way through the suggested order of service you can also follow the readings and the songs by clicking on the links below. Don’t forget to scroll right through this page and click on any other links after the readings and songs.

Bible Readings (click to open a new window or use your own Bible)

Exodus 19:2-8
Romans 12:1-21
1 Peter 2:9-10

Songs (click to open a new window and follow the song on YouTube)

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord
Revelation Song – Holy Holy Holy
Holy Holy Holy
Spirit of the Living God
Purify My Heart – Refiner’s Fire

An Important Statement from BMS World Mission

What Does It Mean To Be Created In The IMAGE OF GOD?

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