Sunday Service – 17 May 2020

Sunday nine of ‘lockdown’ and it doesn’t look like this will be ending, certainly for churches like ours, any time soon. Sad as that might be, it is to everyone’s credit that people have been keeping in contact with one another and that we have been able to meet together online using Zoom. Our time together today is again based on the Service Sheet which you should have received by email or through your door yesterday, and which you can also download here. If you are reading the Service Sheet online you should be able to click the links to get to the readings and songs. You should have received our usual 7/52 notice sheet too, but if not you can download it here. 7/52 contains news and lots of suggestions for prayer and other information. Don’t forget to scroll right through this page and click on any other links after the readings and songs. There are usually things here that are not included on the printed sheet. Don’t miss out!

As you read, pray and work your way through the suggested order of service you can follow the readings and the songs by clicking on the links in the Service Sheet below:

Bible Readings (click to open a new window or use your own Bible)

Mark 4:1-20
2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Songs (click to open a new window and follow the song on YouTube)

I Love You Lord (and I Lift My Voice)
Hallelujah – Aleluya
Holy, Holy, Holy
All To Jesus I Surrender

And Now For Something Completely Different

Hopefully you enjoyed watching the first episode of Living in The Time of Jesus last week which explores the subject of work and making a living in first-century Palestine. The second episode of Living in the Time of Jesus is about healing the sick. There are some similarities but many differences between the world we know today and the world as it was 2000 years ago when Jesus called those first disciples to follow him. Again, it is a good watch!

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