Sunday Service – 21 June 2020

It is still only a few weeks since we have celebrated the season of Pentecost and Trinity. A relationship with God is something to be experienced and enjoyed in all His fullness. Today we consider how we can engage with the work of the Holy Spirit.

We worship together online via Zoom at 10.30am. Today’s Service Sheet will have been received by email or through your door yesterday, but you can also download it here. If you are reading the Service Sheet online you should be able to click the links on the sheet to get to the readings and songs. You should have received our usual 7/52 notice sheet too, but if not you can download it here. 7/52 contains news and lots of suggestions for prayer and other information.

As you read, pray and work your way through the suggested order of service you can also follow the readings and the songs by clicking on the links below. Don’t forget to scroll right through this page and click on any other links after the readings and songs.

Bible Readings (click to open a new window or use your own Bible)

Isaiah 61:1-6
John 16:1-11
Acts 2:1-18

Songs (click to open a new window and follow the song on YouTube)

Spirit of God, Unseen as the Wind
I Hear the Sound of Rustling
Be Still for the Presence of the Lord
Quiet My Mind, Lord
O Lord, Your Tenderness


We only have ten days to go before the start of our two thousand and twenty hours of prayer challenge, from 1st July to 23rd September. 2020 hours over 85 days when we commit ourselves to praying for Ryde and its surrounding area, over what will be a very difficult summer season this year. It has been really encouraging how what started as an idea at one of our Monday prayer meetings in May, has grown to gather support from church leaders of the mainstream Christian denominations in the Ryde area. As we prepare to pray each day for some aspect or area of our community life, there are many things we can do. Download the letter here and send it to all your Christian friends and neighbours. There is also a poster you can download here, colour in, and display in your window or other prominent position. It would be great to flood the town with these posters from the beginning of July. Pray that our Christian brothers and sisters across town will catch the vision and commit themselves to praying together in this way, and that the people of the Ryde area will see how much God loves them. You can find further information and follow the prayer themes for each day at

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