Sunday Service – 5 April 2020 – Palm Sunday

Hello Everyone. Welcome to our Palm Sunday worship post. This is the third week of having to do things in a very different way. Thank you for all your messages of support and encouragement. As we said last week, we are learning all the time and there will be gradual developments as we go on. You will need the Service Sheet which you should have received by email or through your door yesterday, and which you can download here. (One big difference from last week is that if you are reading the Service Sheet online you should be able to just click the links to get to the readings and songs.) You should also have received our usual 7/52 notice sheet, but you can also download it here.

As you read, pray and work your way through the suggested order of service you can follow the readings and the songs by clicking on the links in the Service Sheet below:

Bible Readings (click to open a new window or use your own Bible)

Psalm 118:1-2,19-29
1 Kings 1:28-35
Matthew 28:1-11

Songs (click to open a new window and follow the song on YouTube)

All Glory, Laud and Honour
Hosanna – Praise is Rising
Facing a Task Unfinished
Hosanna – I See the King of Glory

Video Extra

Here is a video extract from a series published by Our Daily Bread in which Dr John A Beck visits Jerusalem and walks to the places referred to in our Palm Sunday readings this morning. It is well worth a watch. Click here.

More Songs

A Selection of Traditional Palm Sunday Hymns

Cafe Church

While Cafe Church is unable to meet on Sunday evenings, we highly recommend the Appian Media video series, ‘Searching for a King’ and ‘Following the Messiah’, which you can find by clicking on the series names. We had been watching these together in the early weeks of this year. For Appian Media’s complete YouTube page click here, which contains other interesting things including a new daily Bible study based on ‘Following the Messiah’!

Next Week

We pray that you have a good week. Join us again next week when there will be further resources for us to use together. Don’t forget, if you have ideas or suggestions please get in touch.

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