Useful Resources

We highly recommend the Appian Media video series, ‘Searching for a King’ and ‘Following the Messiah’, which you can find by clicking on the series names. We have been watching these together recently at Cafe Church on Sunday evenings. For Appian Media’s complete YouTube page click here, containing other interesting things including a new daily Bible study based on ‘Following the Messiah’!

The Bible Project website is an amazing way to explore the Bible, its many books and themes, through high quality animated videos and graphic images. Many of the series are ongoing, and many of the resources can be downloaded to use on mobile devices. This one comes very highly recommended too!

If you are interested in reading about the history of the Church over two thousand years, copies of the magazine Christian History can be downloaded or viewed online. Issue 6 focuses on The Baptists while Issue 5 covers The Anabaptists of the Radical Reformation. If you are particularly interested in Baptist History back issues of the Baptist Quarterly, and its forerunner the Transactions of the Baptist Historical Society can also be found online. For more information on Baptist churches visit the ‘What is a Baptist Church?’ page on this site.

The ‘Thinking Biblically About’ Series from Jubilee Centre is a great little series of leaflets to promote thought and discussion on a number of important topics:  Consumerism, Debt and Interest, Democracy, Environment, Everything, Immigration, Poverty, Sex, Sunday, Surveillance.